Liz Boulton – Embroidery and Costume


So, I should tell you about this image…  It is the collar for the eagle supporter on a Cloth of Estate, for Marie de Guise as Queen Regent, and it is on display in the Queen’s Presence Chamber in the Palace at Stirling Castle.

The bronze leather has two layers of felt padding underneath and is then edged with stretched pearl purl.  The brown pearls, carefully chosen for shape, are surrounded by bright check purl and the veins on the fleurs de lis are formed from stretched pearl purl.

The jewels on the band are layered up from a large brown cup sequin, a flower shaped holographic gold sequin, a sew on Swarovski clear crystal and a gold seed bead.

The pendant, I now realise, is wrong.  It should actually be a Cross of Lorraine, but I mis-interpreted the upper crosspiece.   So, from the top, there is a gold bead surrounded by stretch pearl purl, a copper painted plastic ring bead with a Swarovski bicone inside it, a Czech pressed glass bead, a ring shaped sequin with another bicone, then a cross of rutilated quartz pear shaped beads with a vintage mounted crystal in the centre.

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